DIY | matte grey lipstick

Awe my mense !

It is that mighty time of the year, that DIY time son.

What have I been doing lately? Well, first and foremost I'd like to congratulate myself for finally leaving that hell hole of a call centre because man, I swear it was literally sucking the sanity out of me.

Quitting my job has a perk = More blog time, yippee ! But the downside = I'm 18 and unemployed, bleh.

Time away from the world, i.e. me spending days on end in bed browsing the net, has given me the opportunity to observe what the South African blog sphere is about. And in conclusion: It's commercial, westernized and it pretty much sucks. Therefore, I'd like to be the "somewhat" difference.

I've been wearing the black lip since the day I was conceived and I figured I should opt for a change since my dark green lip phase did not last.

Why the matte grey lip?

It is subtle yet effective. Following the easy steps from this tutorial should make the process of finding your perfect shade a breeze. It's not rocket science.

Will it compliment your skin tone?

Like I said, finding the perfect shade is not rocket science. And the definite upside is the obvious fact that you're in control of the outcome. Therefore, if you'd like a lighter grey, add more concealer and the darker grey, add more black. Not only does the concealer give it a matte finish, it gives off a velvet-like feel on the lips and it does not dry-up - well, that solely depends on your concealer make but do know that Vaseline is a friend indeed.

I'll definitely be sporting this look this winter. Try it out and let me know how it goes.


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