If I could afford to be a minimalist -I would be one, but for now, this one's for the creative kids.


(originally published 21 March 2015, 8:44pm)

The way that their faces turned as they saw me walk in. “I cut it.” I said, knowing very well that they were still trying to figure out what's different about me. “It had to be done." I added.

I stood there alone, feeling like I was obligated to give them an explanation as to why I’d do such a disturbing thing. I could read their minds – I could tell what they were thinking. It was practically written all over their faces.

I had broken the number one rule of The Squad: Look best and always weave-it-up! 
Of course, I had reached my breaking point – this lifestyle was not for me.

I then went on to say, “First of all, screw that. Second, I’m the realest b*tch up in this mother, so clearly I don’t belong here.”

It felt as though I was fighting a battle that I was in on alone because not one of them responded to what I had to say. I gave them an explanation that they did not even ask for. They just stood there.

But really, it was not them who I was fighting, it was me.

(I guess five years of spending half of your salary on your hair has an emotional impact).

Some may beg to differ, but I knew then and there that my hair is my identity. That’s why I couldn't take it much longer, and I knew that I had finally become the ambassador of my own kind of beauty, my own Squad. 

I was in the wrong, not them, but also, why do I care?

I knew they couldn't be bothered – I was just another black gal who cut her hair, big whoop. They walked off and went on ‘bout their own business like nothing happened, but as for me... I had myself, my own Squad, and that was okay with me.

New hair, new me.

(originally published 21 March 2015, 8:44pm)

What more do I need in life other than being drenched, adorned in all things fabricated?

It's a new year and yet again we have been blessed to experience another day - praises to the Most High! (better late than never right?)

Late last year I got the opportunity to be cover of the 007 issue of a local publication called The Lake Magazine. Working with quite a crazy but lovely team (very Cape Town) I actually enjoyed every moment of the evening shoot - literally that "I'm working on Friday evening" kind of shoot. Supported with some delicious tasting snacks, appetizing draaanks and the photographer's groovy playlist, we had fun! But other than the fitting ambiance, the team really took into consideration what amused my aesthetic taste buds (and I honestly appreciate that).

These days, it's rare to find that 'extra effort' put in by publications - if they win the opportunity to shoot your face, most times don't give two hoots about what you, the model, like. Luckily, I'm not just a model - I'm an artist who knows what the hell she likes. Qha.

Shout out to the stylist for tolerating that.
Philia, my sister from another mister, was also there by side. Thank you for that.

On the whole, my grim faces did not go to waste and more so, they were condoned. Heck yes, now that's what I call a shoot. Couldn't get your hands on the print? Check out the full article here.

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

P.S. These images are outtakes from The Lake Magazine shoot.

Photography - Hayden Phipps
Styling - Kristi Vlok. 
Hey Fam!

It kinda feels good to be posting again. S/O to the day one famalams of this blog and hey to the newcomers - welcome, your presence is appreciated.

A few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to showcase my work at the FNB JoburgArtFair. Quite overwhelmed by the whole experience (as you'll see in the vlog below) I managed to keep my composure. This is something I do subconsciously when things feel surreal but believe me, inside, I'm vrek excited.

Considering that it was my first exhibition and first solo exhibition ever, I was feeling rather scared of the art critics and the reviews (because I know how ruthless art folks are can be) but it's understandable, of course. The art sphere is a world of stature and I respect it immensely to the point where I don't even consider myself an artist yet, but rather an 'artist in learning'.

But please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sell myself short. Blade Glover, for instance, has been in the art world for many years and he has gained and earned his respect. I'd like to be in that position someday but until then, it will take a few years.

Back to the topic of the Art Fair...

Thank you Johannesburg, I really felt the love and appreciation and truly there was no reason for me to feel scared; I received more good feedback than bad. Honestly? I'm not too crazy about my body of work (especially since I had to reshoot the bulk of it) but for some reason people still relayed heart warming words. So thank you for believing in me. The next exhibition is going to be a jump!

Last but definitely not least, thank you to my fellow brothers and sisters. You all reminded why I was even doing this in the first place - it's all for you. (Geez, I'm trying so hard not to be corny) BUT, young black peers this is our time. Take initiative (even if it's with the little you have) and make shit happen.  It takes time, but it will come at the right time. Don't rush your craft (especially if you want things to be done according to your terms).

K, I'm done. Now please watch this video! Philia and I put a lot of effort into it - The Local Collective baaybaaay.

Wanna see my work? Contact Christopher Moller Gallery or check out Artsy.net

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.