The inspiration behind Banana Ting Tings.

The inspiration behind Banana Ting Tings.
1. Maroc, couleur d├ęsert (Morocco, desert colour) exhibition taken by Serge Anton.
2. Princess of Nubia  by Foyin Og.

Greetings Reader,

I realize it's been a minute but now I'm here and there's a lot of creativity to be shared. Let's get to it?

I stumbled across the Morocco, desert colour exhibition images on Dynamic Africa and I was pretty much amazed at the imaginative art direction of the shoot. I figured,  "Heck yeah ! I'm inspired and I would love to execute this from my perspective.", and the only way being was to: ask my brother's girlfriend to be the photographer, dig through some items of clothing that do not belong to me and hang a poes heavy lounge carpet on the washing line.

And may I mention that Foyin had once upon a Sunday posted some appealing images of herself - which I was pretty much obsessed with. When she had posted a similar look to the images, Princess of Nubia, I was like eff yes dammit. Those gems above the brows are the future.

Moving right along...

After much delay due to the attempt to blotch my eyebrows out and styling some stolen items from my brother's, Mama's and Makhulu's wardrobe the natural light was fading quickly (and the gloomy Cape Town weather was not helping either).

We headed to the neighbour's hedge, which still attracted some light,  in our contrasting outfits. The "bypassers" were not staring (it's rude to assume one is staring) but rather they were looking ... for a rather long time. 

Finally, we managed to produce something worth posting. I hope you like it. Sharp.  

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  1. reading my name from the tips of your fingers does crazy mad things to my heart. your banana ting tings post is amazing. ese pupo/baie dankie/ngiyabonga/merci.