12 Rooms Exhibition with Leon at CCXIX

Molweni ! Greetings dear friends,

So last night I attended the 12 Rooms Exhibition at CCXIX but before I continue to unfold how the night came to be, my sole purpose of going there was to see the painting of Azola, qha. I was quite ignorant as to what the exhibition consisted of initially, but boy was my mind blown when I walked in.

Driving through the congested street of Albert Rd was a slight challenge - generally because I did not know where the location of the venue was - but with assistance of a lady who clearly pointed out that it was on the the main road (yeah, I know) we found the location.

 I spotted a good amount of old people outside the venue drenched in their "I left work like this" attires holding a glass of white wine, conversing with the next, I figured "hmm, this should be the place."  I entered the crowded space with the intention of just seeing paintings but rather before my sight (excluding the mass people) I saw an opportunity for an adventure - 12 rooms.

Seeing the likes of Kyle Roux’s elegant Art Deco room with a modern cultural touch and Michele Throssell, an interior designer, whom showcased some iconic chair designs and beautifully patterned pillows with her own original wallpaper was enticing. Many other impeccably talented designers and artists filled these rooms with their works and this was all under one roof, dammit !

The ambiance was lekker. 
Free food and drinks and good music; what more could one ask for on a Thursday night? 

Laduma's room, where Loyiso's painting of Azola was situated, brought a somewhat smile to my face. A room filled with oodarkie (black people) I felt this sense of coziness which was latter explained to me that that was the objective. The Rondavel inspired room included complimentary pieces by Andile Dyalvane's distinctive 'Once Off' ngqayi  and Mlondolozi Hempe, also known as 'mlo__creates', showcased his beautiful furniture designs, including the potjie (African pot) inspired chair

The evening was intimate and just right and finally seeing the striking painting 'Isidima' by Loyiso , which awkwardly bared resemblance to my outfit, added a pleasant touch to the night.

All in all, it was a well-rounded evening of existing artists and new designs while doing the justice of showcasing the works of upcoming artists. It was greaaaat. 


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