Somewhere in Africa.

It's 21:05 somewhere in Africa and 

1.  State prosecutor Gerrie Nel is accusing someone of not being qualified enough to discuss Pistorius’s mental state.
2. Somewhere on the shores of Africa, Castro's body is missing. Thoughts go out to the family and friends.
3. Somewhere in Africa (in South Africa to be precise) South Africans are urged to take part in Mandela Day activities. Okay ? I'm totes not against this day and what it stands for and/or anything along those rosey faint lines
4. Somewhere in Southern Africa Tony Yengeni is pompous.
5. Two years after the Marikana Massacre, the fallen are remembered and forever will be. #RememberMarikana.
6. It's Women's month - whoopee.
7. Too many people are dying in Palestine ! TF Israel?
8. Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town made a controversial ad for Feed A Child - awkward
9. Somewhere in Africa there's a TV show (Interface on SABC 2) that's discussing racism in SA, but there's only two white people being interviewed really - awkward.

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