DEAR DIARY | I'm back, for reals for reals.

"Why?", they ask and in response I say, "Because I want to."

It's okay to not deliver a reason for everything. - laak fo' reals fo' reals. I've spent 6 months attempting to execute meaningful content to a disinterested audience, but how did that end up? 

Comfortably, I hardly blogged and stuff cause I was too busy frying my head (from thinking too much), worked at a swaak call centre for too long and procrastinated like it was somebody's business.

Today, I'm unwinding those 'bad habits', those basic thought processes and I'm going to shiya a 360 back to where I started.

Practice what you desire to serve and never perform it for the audience - it was never about the hype anyway. Chances are somebody will appreciate it. Don't waste your precious creative time like I did. 

"Other people are always going to impatient about your life with all that "It's normal to not know what you want at your age" ... Who decides what's normal at what age anyway?! Who decides what's "normal" in the first place? Normal is subjective. Define your own lane. Define your own pace." - Nontsie Dube

"Make up your mind that you're not going to quit until you see the fruit of what God has placed within you." - Wongama Senti


(Water painting of bananas by Lady Skollie.)

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