The Omo Series Pt. II

Greetings fellow human, 

So here it is, the Omo post part two. I realize I told you, Reader, in the last post that Dain would feature. Unfortunately my dear friend had to take a rain-check because he started training today, and I, fortunately took an off day because I care about my well-being - Mondays are not good for my health. 

Quite frankly I was bored, free and I figured heck, let me do it.

Dain will feature in the next one (I can try to promise you that much).

I gave you the basic breakdown of whom the Omo people are - or rather, the two tribes that are most well known - the Mursi and the Surma (Suri) tribe - so uyaqondastanda? If not, click here.

I must say: taking pictures with a camera of an average quality in a dissatisfying - or rather uninspiring location -  with just you, yourself and you is not what I had hoped for, but this is the result. Click here to see the image that inspired today's Omo look.

I figured I should post the song that literally made my head bob / twitch. 

Oboit, trust me, you can look like this everyday.


  1. Oh I love your photos. They're so creative and beautiful.

    You're amazing!