COLLABS | shot by Sipho Mpongo

So brotherman, Sipho, hollered at a sister because he had a task to fulfill and being the kid who's ever so keen, I obviously agreed.

I left work early and met-up with the talented brother near The Castle; we walked, conversed and basically caught-up because, like most Cape Tonians say, "It's beeeeen a minute."
He then informed me that we're going to wing this one because he really wanted to shoot with his new baby, the Canon 5D - OH MY GLOB 
(yes, I broke that camera's virginity.)

We made our way into his school, the Cape Town School of Photography, which I must say, has this effortless clean touch; the are walls decorated with the students' photography, filling up the blank space, one after the other. Not forgetting the huge framed window that generously allows in the fresh sunshine while the view of Table Mountain sits comfortably before your eyes.
Can you see it?
I'm sorry. I couldn't just simply describe it - It's bloody beautiful.

While Sipho set-up the studio, I got my black lip & wig on and this was basically the result of Thursday afternoon.

I could go on, but I choose not to because, dear Reader, this won't be the last time you see Sipho's name on this blog.
He's so gifted 
& yes, you can gaan an - have you seen his work?! Click here mtshana.


  1. these images are stunning
    especially that first one

  2. that last image gives me LIFE.
    sipho, your work is brilliant. tony/zipho, you are brilliant.

    1. Foyin, thank you my dear

      - I'll let Sipho know :)


  3. So good. Can I just say the goodeflesh on the second one is so thrilling? Hey, Sipho, hey.