TRAVEL | The Euro trip

As a Tony Gum and as a Conformist, a task was set to be fulfilled during the June/July holiday.
The task being 'Encounters'.



An unexpected or casual meeting.

I narrowed it down to music encounters (since it is a personal matter that everyone and anyone can/could relate to)

I conversed with a variety of people that I encountered during my trip to Europe and I must say, engaging with people on a 'musical' basis is an eye-opening experience. It kind of makes the other reveal their vulnerable side (in some circumstances) because music is just that personal; it's a reflection of you, your feelings and so on and so forth AND you, on the other hand, feel humble and drawn in towards the other.
I could be exaggerating.
But that's how I felt.

I did not take many pictures, because taking pictures is a mode of photography for me that it is quite the distraction and I felt as though it would be a distraction on pondering on the essence of being away from home.

S/O to BlaQ Slim. Thank you for allowing me to use your lovely jam, Good Fridae.

If you would like to see the full unedited version of the interviews - let me know.

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