DEAR DIARY | this is visual

capturing the moments, of my 'Dear God' diary, in a visual aspect .

27. Jan. 2013

...okay, I need to finish my History work
and it's 04:30 :/
please bless me with the best rest in the world
and please wake me up on time :D

I love you, Papa

P.s protect Mseki and his friends


Your favourite,


  1. Trippy vid that but thoroughly enjoyed! is this a Beres Hammond's "Can't waste no time cover" who's it by? love love it!

  2. This is a very late comment I know...but please tell me HOW you make your afro so fluffly... I use amla oil (well not anymore) it makes my hair hard! HELP!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Well I can't remember how I did my hair back then, but I now have new routine since my hair is bleached and dyed.

      I treat it once every two weeks with: egg, mayo, coconut oil & olive oil. / and I basically leave the mixture in my hair for an hour, I wash it out, thereafter, I moisturize with anything that's nourishing.

      Once a week, I'll base my scalp with coconut oil & everyday before I sleep, I tie my hair - cause I'm too lazy to do amaflerho ("bantu knots" - as the Americans call it).

      I would suggest that you base your scalp with your Amla oil, don't use on the rest of your hair.

      I hope that helped.

      All the best x