LOOTD: Hello Joburg.

Look of the day.

I arrived in Cape Town at around 10:00am and let me just say CONTRAST MUCH?!
The weather here is just making me miss Joburg like crazy. sigh
I rushed home, amped to complete the new vlog - but of course, Windows Movie Maker gave me problems - again. 
But never fear! I will complete the vlog.
My holiday was incredible. I can't recall the places I visited but they were historical and somewhat, sentimental. Everything about the gypsy lifestyle that I lived within this holiday was surprisingly fun. Although it was not my ideal "fashion-blogger-holiday", I still wanted to add a 'touch of my expression' to it. 
These images are my look(s) of the day(s). The other days were not recorded due to an abundance of laziness. Thank you for understanding. 

I decided wear my light dress (thrifted) with my fitted trousers (YDE) and my ankle boots (Luella) -which I  am super obsessed with. 
I know you might think a dress paired with trousers is kind of bizarre  But this outfit looked epic - mostly because the wind was being a darling and it made the whole outfit work by blowing the dress back.

Okay, this look is untitled. I wore my cool graphic tee (which belonged to my brother - way back then) with my YSL denim shorts (vintage) paired with my garter printed stockings (which are actually starting to rip  because I wear them everyday) and my brogues (vintage) because they were the only flat comfy shoes that I packed.

Beats me why I paired all of this together. Ah, yes, it was like a 100 degrees in Joburg but I swear Pretoria was 500 degrees. Yes, I'm damn sure.
I wore my chiffon blouse (Pick 'n Pay) printed shorts (DIY) and my fugly sandals (YDE)

P.s Vlog coming soon.