I'll be home soon.

EEEEK!  I got the best surprise last night.
Imbomag published their September/October 2012 issue and guess who's on the cover?!
Although, I did know about the whole thing but it was still a surprise  because I'm quite dwanky at times.
Here are some of the pictures from the youth driven online magazine, Zazi Magazine.
Before we get to that, I've been in Joburg for a week now and I must say I'm not feeling home sick just yet I've just been missing my toddler. The weather here is ridiculously hot and since I've been living like a gypsy for this whole holiday (traveling and not living in one place)  it's been super hard to dress according to my planner.
I'm kidding, I don't have a planner but this weather  has officially killed my black Friday. 
I wanted to spend my holiday "blog free" but I couldn't,  mostly because I wanted to see the "Losing you" video that everyone has been ranting about. I don't blame them - she's too cool for words.
Damn her.

Don't forget to check out the issue! x



  1. permission granted we'd most certainly like to use your phenomenally inspiring blog as our refference. as you know establishing a name in the fashion and blog industry is a trial... your guidance and style expertise is much appreciated by us and more upcoming artists.... much love

    1. Yes of course! I would be honored. A trial, yes but blessing indisguise. All the best!
      Thank you x