This is not your average 'midnight session'.

The time is now 11: 46pm

Today was a great day. Why? because, screams JESUS! "Why Jesus?" just because, just! Don't ask me nonsense [inside joke] giggles.
Yesterday was Khulu's [my grandmother] surprise party, HEEP HEEP HOOORAY. It was so sweet and cute with all the little Gogos walking... [well, mostly sitting] around. I'm not 'blown out of the water' that Khulu was actually surprised, I mean, we were planning this whole thing right under her nose - but I guess age gets to you as you get older, argh shame. But mara my Khulu is boss, she's 81 and she still drives!
'Bosso' melody starts playing.
I had too much cake, too much acid, too much to eat - I FEEL FAAAAAAAAT cries. But I found this cute little edible rose on Khulu's cake - YUMM. So, I "borrowed" it and I decided to show you, Reader, how to eat an edible rose :)
Oh, and this a vlog of tonights midnight session. If you can't watch it - it's really OKAY! This is basically a failed attempt of me dancing [while sitting down] and trying to look cute while doing so.
Macaroni [my teddy] features on here. Excuse my "unprofessionalism"
Enjoy! x
Please don't judge me, hides.
[the vlog was taken on my webcam]

Step 1, get/have the edible rose [this is crucial]
Uh-oh, where'd it go?
Step 2, chew the edible rose - with class. nomnomnom...
All gone!

 It's getting late and you should be in bed, sleeping [that's if you're reading this post at 12:30pm]  


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