Midnight sessions.

The time is now 11:17pm

Today was a good day. I woke up early for school [for the first time, in a long time] but  I still had to walk to school because umama enjoys taking her time. Luckily for me, I met my friends along the way and they gave me a lift to school, Hallelujah melody starts playing. Drama was alright - not amazing [as it usually is]. We're just reading The Glass Menagerie, with our epic Tennessee accents ;)
I think I drew my head too big... scratches head   Makes me feel disfigured. No? But I like my little drawings, they're fun giggles. History was "yeah-yeah" today. We're still watching this movie, 'Zulu', that we can't laugh to [because my teacher said so] #HistoryClassProblems! But that's okay - death is not something we should be amused by :) After that, we had to take a class photo to send to our sponsor-ships to raise money for our trip to Paris. Intially, they first took a picture without the black girls, Tshepo and I, because we were m.i.a. Then they realized "no black girls = no money" TAHAHAHA! [inside joke]. Of course we were called for the second shot - duh.
Home cell was amaze balls :) we had it at my place and we watched this beautiful clip [which I will post soon] ahh, man, that chick was dancing with Jesus bro - imagine :) So to sum this all up, today was a productive day - a good day. Hallelujah melody starts playing, again!
Here are some of my 'Midnight session' pics.
It's getting late and you should be in bed, sleeping [that's if you're reading this post at 11:45pm]  

The owner of this "Worlds Best Mom" cup is unknown - oh well.
Having a nice...
cup of...

I'm such a goof.
-sweet dreams.


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