Over sized tees, 'leg warmers' & my somebody to love.

Justin Bieber ft Usher - Somebody to Love (remix)

I have a thing for Over sized Tees, they're totally fashionable & comfortable.
They're not a specific kind of T-shirt - just a huge T-shirt.
Of course there is a way of wearing this fashion item - anything that is below the waist should be your fit.
Meaning that the Tee should be the only thing that is two times your size :) 
If you are really outgoing & cutting edge - try to pair the look up with leg wear ( leg warmers, torn stockings, printed leggings )

A denim short & a brown belt is the safest way to go.

Leg warmers
Printed tights

Doc Martens  are a totally must have if you are extravagant & outgoing.
These trendy shoes are cool & edgy - the way you wear them can determine the outlook you going for, i prefer wearing these shorts or tights only. They could really kill your look if you're careful

A beautiful bright 'show-stopping' shoe for the night out.

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