The Drum Shoot

Peacemaker (Fashion Designer) Tony Gum (The Blogger) Tim (Model)
So i was in the drum magazine [ Y A A A A A AY ] im so proud of myself ( dont think im vain now ) but all of a sudden, things have been going great for me :] Im so grateful to God for answering my prayers & to my brother, Senzwa ♥ for setting this up & Asanda for doing this & my lovely freinds ( yes, you! ).
They aren’t lying when they say “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”
This is for bigger dreams & achievements to come – C H E E R S ! *drinks fanta*
—–> OKAY enough of the cheesy-ness ^^,
What I wore ? A dress from Peanuts&Raisins, skirt from Journey & heels from Aldo 

Jabu ( Fashion Designer )

Tony & Jabu - the make up was to die for :)

loved those shades

OMG these glasses were like magnifying glasses. haha. notice I'm in my school uniform, how rebellious ;)

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