It's a new year and yet again we have been blessed to experience another day - praises to the Most High! (better late than never right?)

Late last year I got the opportunity to be cover of the 007 issue of a local publication called The Lake Magazine. Working with quite a crazy but lovely team (very Cape Town) I actually enjoyed every moment of the evening shoot - literally that "I'm working on Friday evening" kind of shoot. Supported with some delicious tasting snacks, appetizing draaanks and the photographer's groovy playlist, we had fun! But other than the fitting ambiance, the team really took into consideration what amused my aesthetic taste buds (and I honestly appreciate that).

These days, it's rare to find that 'extra effort' put in by publications - if they win the opportunity to shoot your face, most times don't give two hoots about what you, the model, like. Luckily, I'm not just a model - I'm an artist who knows what the hell she likes. Qha.

Shout out to the stylist for tolerating that.
Philia, my sister from another mister, was also there by side. Thank you for that.

On the whole, my grim faces did not go to waste and more so, they were condoned. Heck yes, now that's what I call a shoot. Couldn't get your hands on the print? Check out the full article here.

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

P.S. These images are outtakes from The Lake Magazine shoot.

Photography - Hayden Phipps
Styling - Kristi Vlok. 


  1. So good. I don't know what can i do with myself.

  2. Just found your blog and your work
    ugh I feel weak! perfection!

  3. I've been following you for a while on Tumblr and now Instagram but I'm just now discovering that you have a site and a YouTube channel. So glad to see the behind the scenes and all the real updates on the work your doing--and at only 20! Definitely an inspiration:) Thanks Tony!

    --Ojo (www.ojoagi.com)

    1. Thank you so much, Ojo! Love, love your work :)


  4. Tony, I "knew" you for a brief moment but I recently discovered your work and realized that I knew nothing.

    Your work and your drive speak volumes for you. I realize
    now that while I could finish talking about myself in a day, you are doing what you love so well, it will last generations. Keep at it!!

    I can see you are making a success of it and I am certain the world will see you shine.

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  6. The Fader brought me here. You are a Bow Wow Tony!

  7. yooo where has this blog been all my life. This is some dope stuff. I'm so binge reading this blog when I'm done with this registration mess.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

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