DEAR DIARY | 10 reasons why a black woman should cut her hair

Please note: These reasons are not medically encouraged/approved or researched or anything along those technical lines - they're just purely thoughts. Sorry. But since you're here, you might as well stay.

1. When boredom strikes and that sly, even liberating, thought of 'I feel like cutting my hair' creeps in - act on it. I've always made the fault of not executing  my thoughts immediately, thus resulting in me: procrastinating, then altering the thought, then procrastinating some more,  then not doing it at all. 

So, just do it.

2. Tshepo's comment on the image I uploaded earlier today on instagram: "You did it (heart icon) and this has made me alive."

You see the thing is, dear Reader, you're not alone on this wondrous, natural (for some), short-haired  journey. You officially become the source of inspiration to most sisters out there whom are not as daring as you. You become the ambassador of your own beauty that seems intriguing and desirable to the next. Doesn't that seem so wow? -No pressure of course.

3. You'll look mooi (beautiful) I promise you! Note: I don't have time to lie on my blog - remember that.

4. It's an inexpensive lifestyle ! Erh mah gordt, Hallelujah, Praise Him; Yeshua, son of God! 

Spending just R35.00 to trim that baby up is a miracle compared to what I used to do (and I wasn't even weaving it up, yo !)  and I'm quite the lazy lad at the moment so maintaining half of my head is sooo much better!

5. You'll look kwaai (cool). 

6. Remember Tshepo's comment from point 2? I can guarantee you that you'll feel or be alive, if not, more. Not only does a fresh cut accentuate your facial features, it does a whole lot of justice to your self-esteem too. 

7. Short hair is in (if you're the type who cares  for what is trending).

8. Short hair is different (if you're the type who cares for the hipster lifestyle).

9. The first time I cut my hair, I was in grade 4 (I remember that evening so vividly it's a joke). I informed uMama that I wanted to cut my hair because I was so intensely displeased at the fact that my hair was not budging - in terms of growth - so I decided to hack it. Stunned at the fact that I went ahead without her blessing, she made sure I went  to school the following morning. 

I had never felt so insecure in my life.

I legit looked like a boy and the hurtful comments that were dispersing from my fellow classmates' mouths weren't helping either, but I learnt to deal with it because I had to.

10. Lastly, do as you please. You're going to be stuck with that head at the end of the day, so, do as you  bloody well please.

There are so many reason that I could mention but I don't lis to continue. I hope they help.

Enkosi and good night. Sharp.

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