COLLABS | Monday afternoon with Lauren R

Monday afternoon, Lauren arrived and made her way into my home.
All ready with her photography backpack, I greeted her with a warm smile and she too, did the same. After conversing and catching up, we finally prepared ourselves for the shoot. 

"Outside", she said, "outside." 

Skeptical with the idea of going outside into the unpredictable Cape Town weather - her spontaneous soul made me - somewhat - enthusiastic. 
Shot after shot, with her beautiful Canon 5D, she me made aware that she was beyond pleased - ah! so encouraging .

I really can't recall the duration of time we took doing the shoot, but it was really fun (if I may say so myself). She made me feel at ease.

And that's a wrap!

I say, in high hopes, that this is just the beginning of a wonderful, fruitful collaboration.


  1. But when you're killing it, you're killingggg it! Beautiful shots <3

    1. PureDopeGang Re Presenter. Sway and Swave..

  2. So lovely! That turban shot is something of iconic. WERK

  3. Omg where did you get your turban? It's beautiful