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The more I browser through 'African' images, the more I feel the extra urge to love to be African (which I do), but let's forget the fact that I am an African and remember that I am South African. I could really say that I hate how modern South Africa is, but that's not going to solve anything (if there is anything to solve)

Where is the true essence?
In actual fact, what is the essence of being South African? It feels like our diversity "rainbow nation" has caused some serious issues of a lack of identity - but then again, it goes back to culture.
I honestly wish we were a country that spoke one language. That way, maybe - just maybe, we wouldn't have such an immense amount of youngsters who think they are something else besides what they are.
but I could be wrong, I could be very wrong -
I can't even pin-point what it means to be South African - so I shouldn't say much - but this, which we have going on, does not feel right.
Our history though - man our history is beautiful (the salvage point of view of course) to ponder on spiritually, culturally etc.
I get bothered that we - creatives - don't get recognized, but then again we don't know the true essence of being a representative of South Africa. Some bloggers that are well recognized here - are just the epitome of wack. I'm being very serious. I'm young and I literally feed on inspiration and it lacks in the blogosphere here in South Africa.

Your content needs to have value - so I literally do not care about your Prada shades.
But then again, that's your target market and I clearly do not fall under it. So, cheers to the artist, the creative, young ambitious one, do us proud.

Initially this was supposed to be just a inspiration post.
Here it is - inspirational images + a few inspirational people.

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  1. I feel as though speaking different languages makes us unique as a giant multicultural culture. It's very idealistic to wish for a time of simplicity and ignore the amalgamation of culture in the present today. Language is not lost on the youth - many of whom still speak their mother tongue today and have also adapted it, like it had been adapted in the past too. There is a lot of African pride in the fashion industry and with our food as well.
    South Africa is so young that, like a teenager, we are constantly reinventing ourselves; finding the balance between culture and individuality.
    In other words, I am African but African is not me - I am more than that; it does not define me, because to define is to confine (in my opinion). I am filled with culture, and seeing as though I'm not even South African by birth, many of which is not even mine.
    But I believe that is what being South African is all about - embracing all the cultures, being open and willing to learn and explore and try new things. I understand your point completely because our generation isn't perfect and there are a lot of pretenders but that doesn't suffice to say that we've lost our identity in its entirety.
    But then again, I could be wrong too.

    This is a really long comment - I apologize lol