This is not a music review | Amu - Don't call it a comeback.

Hey Reader! 

I trust that you have had a good day - yes? Alrighty then, why don't we listen to some music? Awesome. 

I came across this song by Amu a while ago and I would have never thought that I would one day say, “I like this guy.” Not that I have anything against him or his music. I was just never acquainted to his music until now. I love the whole concept of the video – quite interesting. 
If you have the time, do yourself a favour and click on the play button of the video. I trust that you will enjoy it. If not, that’s okay. You won’t die. If you’re a die-hard Hip Hop Head or a music critic – your crude or pleasant  comment is valued, I promise.
So what do you think of the Amu’s sample?
Raises fist Power to the local music, yo.

The kind of face we would give you if you gave this song a thumbs down - cough cough- Thina.


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