How to wear black | the not-so-classic way.

Don't look at my face.

I actually had second thoughts about posting this picture because I took this picture in my brother's room and he, of course, does not know that. So, Senzwa, if you're viewing this - I'm sorry. 
Moving along swiftly...
I bought this dress at a secondhand store for R25 (it was R30, I had to bargain) and I love it. The detailing is classic, the length is classic. I wore this dress to the Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week with super high red wedges, but the only challenge was the dress itself. It limited my steps and the person I went with was pretty much running the whole time. So yeah, I struggled a bit. 
I threw on roses because I didn't have any other accessory and I'm barefoot (just in case you were wondering). 

The outfit: Floral crown | DIY'd, The dress | Thrifted


  1. Aaaah :D I love it Tony ! Really enjoying the whole "How to wear Black" series.. Black always works... We should go thrift store shopping sometime :) Would love to meet you :) x

    1. YES! I would totally love that :)
      I'll tweet soonest ;)

  2. One of my all time favourites and a favourite from the How-To-Wear-Black series