Midnight session: Reloaded.

The time is now 12:24am

Hey Reader! x
It's been a while. I thought, since my exams are over and my late nights are becoming a habit, let me bring back the Midnight Sessions!! YAY.
These little artistic drawings that I make on Paint are usually a slight indication to how I feel, look and so on and so forth. So, let's get to it!

Today was a long day. A true example of a damn tribulation. I had to do my Drama practical and my Design practical. I am physically, mentally, emotionally drained because; 1) I haven't slept in a couple of days and I forgot to stretch my muscles before I performed. So yes, my body is pretty tense. Concrete. 2) My brain juice was sucked dry. 3) My performance  piece made me feel quite sad - foolish I know, but whispers it's that time of the year, not month [hint much?!] .

Design! Design was okay. It was okay because of the impact of my body to the floor while I was performing. Which resulted in a minor headache that wouldn't go the [bleep] away. 
But I managed to complete my 'Minimalist studio'. MAYBE, I'll take some pics and post them - maybe not. grins.

Oh my cat, look what I found! this 'chicka' is wearing the same beanie that I wore in Lipsticks for December GASP! coughs except mine is a complete fony and it's written Old Mutual on the front coughs.

 It's getting late and you should be in bed, sleeping [that's if you're reading this post at 12:37am]  


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