What does this day mean to you?

Today, in South Africa, it is Heritage Day. A day of recognizing and celebrating the individual South African's background. 
Personally, I'm not so fond of the idea that Heritage Day is also known as 'Braai Day' - there's a difference in the two.
I was listening to SAFM this morning and some valid points were brought up.
Besides "the public holiday", "the braai day", "the chill-out day"; Heritage Day is where all South Africans celebrate their cultural heritage and embrace their diverse traditions and values.

I hope you enjoyed your Heritage Day. And if you didn't know the significance of it, now you do! 
I am Xhosa and my clan names are Mampinga, Mawawa, Sineka,  Ntomntwana , Mbolokoqoshe, Senzwa (there's more, but my memory is not serving me well).
Here below are some of my corny pictures in traditional attire.
Do enjoy! x