Day 2: The Elle experience

The second day was work day. I stayed in the office all day trying to complete my task but unfortunately my brain wasn’t too keen on doing anything. I felt so drained and I could feel my body sliding off the desk. It was only day two, and the hours had already gotten to me - tough times I tell you. But yeah, I didn't have time to take any pictures at work so I decided to take them after work, while I was waiting for my mother to finish her "paddling session". 
Sadly some of these pics were taken in the car, others,  in the Mr Price changing rooms - I had no option really. I'm sorry for the sucky quality. But who are we fooling? My camera is not much of a rockstar.
But let me tell you, taking these pics was a mission and a half! The things I do for love...

This outfit is basically an illusion [?] or am I lying? shrugs shoulders 
This outfit is an outfit on top of an outfit.
Outfit 1 [beneath]: Sheer blouse and leather skirt 
Outfit 2 [top]: Cotton dress.

Pretty cool huh?!!


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  1. I enjoyed the car shoot... Ok, I like cars and sepia-ish sunlight.