Midnight sessions: The unicorns are dead - for now.

The time is now 12: 45 am 

Sometimes I wonder why I stay up so late, no actually scratch that, I wonder every damn day. I'm mad at myself for doing this to myself - but in all seriousness, my Midnight sessions must come to an end - for now, I need to sleep. But really now, who actually reads my Midnight sessions? :/ 
Since my webcam decided to runaway with it's lover - I had to take pics on my cam and it sucks because it kills the whole point of the Midnight session. 

But anyway, I hope you are admiring my mask :) I got it from a very nice stranger. Well, I asked for it and he gave it to me - ncargh! Cape Tonians are such good people, great people - fantastic I tell you! cough
I need to do my hair though :/ I'm thinking of doing that bob thingy...
I hope it suits me *fingers crossed* 
Psssst Reader, psssst .. I'm working at Elle next week :D Eeeeek! I'm super stoked bro. Man, I pray it goes well - beyond well!
Oh my soul it's getting late, and ADT keeps passing by, I think they can see the light from my laptop :/ 
krrrk krrrk krrk..

If you're reading this at 12:59 am, you are the bomb my friend! High five for you - but why are you up so late? 

ps. My mind is sober, it always is, this is just a failed attempt to look sexy.


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