Midnight sessions.

The time is now 11:10pm

I actually don't know why I'm doing a blog post at this time when I "should be fast asleep", maybe it's because I have too much on mind or maybe I just don't really care about my health or maybe because I don't want to sleep, wake up, go to school and write a History test. Hmm, I wonder which one it is. Today was a crappy day. I woke up late, missed breakfast [well, I hardly ever eat it] had a cold shower and ended up walking to school. I don't like cold mornings - the grass is wet and the grass is wet. BUT IN OTHER NEWS, I showed my maths class my blog - "that's great news, Tony!" 
I know right? 
I just took some pics on my webcam; in my full, nude ugliness. I've been obsessed with flowers lately, well, mostly roses. Maybe it's genetically inherited. My mom has a relationship with her garden, they're in love [well, I don't know about the garden - she seems to the one that's doing all the loving, stupid garden]. Where was I? "roses."  Oh yes, I love those suckers - I'm wearing them on my head right now. [look below]
technology these days - eish.

I made this floral crown [and no people, this is not an opportunity for you to ask me to make one for you].
I need more :/ I might just make my way to the craft store and buy more roses again.
It's getting late and you should be in bed, sleeping [ that's if you're reading this post at 11:46pm]

P.s the fashion week post is coming, I promise.

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