dyed hair.

I f_reaking LOVE THIS!

Hey reader! It's been a minute [a month too long] but I'm back now - for good :) So basically, I have been "getting myself" together and to be honest, if I didn't have Jesus in my life I would have gone insane [in the membrane]. SO THANK YOU JESUS. YO, I've grown an inch taller since my birthday - eeeek! oh by the way I'M 17 now! AH YEAH 
thank you, thank you..
My birthday was on Wednesday, "TonyDay" not "MandelaDay". I had a great day at school - cake for breakfast, lunch and supper. I blew out the candle and made a wish [that will definitely not come true, but whatever.]
My wish: a "pastel" colour hair dye.
Yes, I know, pretty epic right? no? I know it's a tad bit extreme but I'm not that daring - my mom would kill me [black girl problems]. But I really want you to enjoy this moment with me and  admire the beauty of this art. Dyed hair or dip dyed hair is quite an interesting trend - I love it. I want you to stare and drool and say "ooo" "aaaah" "wow" "amaziing" "INS" ;) tehehehe, let me know what you think of this trend, YAY [yes] or NAYE [no], you game? AWESOME.
Enjoy x

Aly Antorcha

Let me know what you think.

Yay or Naye.


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