31Days Of Summer: Vlog.

31 Days Of Summer.

Indeed this holiday has been an adventure. When I first found out that we only had 31days (a month) of a holiday, I freaked out! Seriously? You can’t do much with 31days. Then the idea of creating a vlog came to mind - that would give me an excuse to go out all the time. I had to record my special moments, my adventures – with incredible people.  The pattern of taking a camera everywhere I went, had not settled in yet. But as time progressed, it became a habit. I recorded most of, what I would call, “an adventure”.  It is a pity that I didn’t get to record more familiar and different faces. Although, most of the faces in this video will be surprised to see themselves (heheha!) because, these beautiful people weren’t in their … (whispers) “right state of mind” :)
I created this vlog to show you, the reader a taste of my life, and besides, I wanted to take a little break from blogging. I hope you enjoy it – it’s not that long, but it is entertaining. This will definitely not be my last vlog – it will be ‘a holiday thing ‘.

P.s To those who didn’t make it onto the vlog – I still love ya’ll ;)

- NB. Some parts of this vlog are blank (Heaven only knows why) but anyway, (sigh), enjoy!



  1. i love it!!! you should vlog more often

    xxx Nangi

    1. I'm glad you like it !
      This is only the beginning ;)