Sunday Afternoon.

Hey Reader ! x

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(Sips vitamin water)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal note for you. I’ve been busy – getting inspired & shit. Exams are coming up in a few days (so this will be my last post till the 2nd of December) but I might just post the “Behind the scenes” of the Seventeen Magazine December issue (because yours truly, shall be in it).

Recently my amazing friends bought me a book – “Fashion Now 2” by Taschen. I-D selects 160 of it’s favourite designers from around the world. It even has the contact details of the designers & photographers. Like, informative much? I love it! It’s an extensive, complete, well written encyclopedia of who’s who in 
fashion today.

Besides the torture of exams, I’m super amped for my Design practical. I’ll be making a jump-suit with tribal, vibrant, eclectic fabric - very much inspired by Boxing Kitten. It’s going to look epic.

I can’t wait for the holidays – BEACH VIBES. I will be rocking my John Lennon sunglasses with my Mick Jagger & Lisa Bonet inspired outfits. My pigeon and I shall be going all out (full force bitches) just for you reader! Don’t be a stranger to the blog while I’m gone, take care of him for me please? Thanks.
Bye for now!


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