Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten.

Both playful and audacious, equal part reverie while pushing the boundaries of fashion completely forward, Boxing Kitten is a vibrant melee of Then and Now. Vintage-inspired silhouettes celebrate a time gone by, with designs that call upon the spirit and lives of mid-century American women that are modernized for the woman of today and the future.

The Lady
Maya Amina Lake was born in Brooklyn, NY. Daughter to Marion and Oliver Lake, she grew up in New Jersey and has a B.A. in African-American studies from Wesleyan University. She is an avid indoor and beach volleyball player and has an Abyssinian cat named Fancy. Lake is a self taught designer and entrepreneur.

The Fabric
It seems the batik, or wax-print, fabrics that are so indispensable to West African traditional dress are not, by and large, actually from Africa. The most coveted, the ones that set the trends, are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, in the nondescript factory town of Helmond, by the Vlisco corporation. And this is nothing new. The Dutch, and Vlisco in particular, have dominated the African print-fabric market since the end of the nineteenth century.

Millie and Bronze Venus
Billie Cap Sleeve
Billie Cap Sleeve, Bronze Venus, Millie
Collette, Zsou Zsou, Siren of the Tropics
Zsou Zsou,  Siren of the Tropics
Zsou Zsou, Siren of the Tropics, Collette, Cheeky Shoe
Vaugn Blazer, Siren of the Tropics
Tam Tam,  Clara,  Tina
Clara, Tina
Tam Tam
Ada, Althea
Ada, Althea, Frida

Celebrities have become fond of this line too..

Italian Vogue Sept 2010
Refinery 29  June 2010
Beyonce: Vaughn Cropped Blazer
Rihanna: Ada

I really adore this collection, please find the time to check it out Boxing Kitten

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