Looking good

The fedora is a snazzy touch with this amazing tailored, fitting blazer.
ps. Don't be affraid to have abit of colour. This baby blue blazer is a perfect example to guide you

White trousers are a huge risk for men. Make sure it is not too fitting otherwise it will look corny. I love the trend of rolling up the trousers at the end, I do it all the time with my jeans. It makes the 'formal' seem abit more 'casual' with touch of edge.
Don't be afraid to own a pair of sandals, preferably gladiators :) Don't be to extravagent with it though.
Apperantly these babies (shoes) are found at Fabiano.

Tailored suits and altored trousers are a huge fashion trend for this season. Even though we might have cold winters in Cape Town, layering is the key. Nothing is more trendy than layering up for the Fall.
Adding scarves, trench coats, beanies, boots would be the perfect touch to your everyday look.

My fav :)

Seriously, if a guy had to walk up to me looking like 'the above'... 
I would marry him ;)

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  1. enjoyed checking out the men's department, my fav is the guy with the shorts & a shirt, pure swag, hoping to see more