Buttoned-up shirt collars

Forget the grungy, layered-over flannel, and tuck away your baggy, open-fronted boyfriend shirt (for now). Fashion, as fashion is wont to do, has taken a pendulum swing in the other direction, hitting on a more refined, sophisticated look. And so starting now there's only one key way to wear your shirt: buttoned up to the very top.

Buttoned-up collars and how to wear them

The key to the buttoned-up look is that it should appear put together, collected. Just as with over the knee socks, its sexiness is rooted in its modesty and stems from an understated air of confidence.
But let's not forget: this is an era of overt sexuality where over the knee boots and see through tops become fashion trends that leave the catwalk and make it to the streets. Naturally then, the humble, buttoned up shirt can be made overtly sexual for the coming seasons. If that sounds like your thing, you can balance out the coyness and pair it with some shorts or a miniskirt.
If you'd like to keep things demure, however, on the opposite end of the spectrum you can try a crisp buttoned-up shirt with tailored high-waisted slacks (ensure tidy fits and clean lines) for sophisticated minimalism.
Dries Van Noten Fall 2010
Celine Fall 2010

No. 21 Fall 2010
Chloe Fall 2010

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