'NOTE: Help wanted! Well, not you Tony'

Hey Reader! x
So I'm turning 16 this year and I would really like to get a job, anything to do in the fashion business.
My options so far: Vertigo and Urban. But of course there is a problem to both of these options. 
Vertigo won't let me work for them until I turn 18 - and that is waaaay to long for me - sorry! NEXT..
Urban is gladly allowing me to work for them, but theres a catch.. I'm not getting paid. 
I adore both of these stores and to wait another 2 years OR work long hours for nothing (I'm guessing it's for the experience?) is a NO-NO
I'm thinking of going to town, later on in the year and maybe hustle my way in ;)
[ F I N G E R S  C R O S S E D ]
So what about Jo'burg Tony?  Jo'burg is not on my mind right now but I will go and stay there (for like a week) just to understand their 'point of view' in fashion. I love Cape Town too much :)
BTW I'm leaving Cape Town (oh well. haha), leaving South Africa, leaving Africa !
Well readers, I won't be telling you where I'm headed off to - it's for me to know and you find out :)

xx Tony

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