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Hello Reader ! x
I know I'm supposed to be talking about 'teen fashion' but I just can't help being intrigued into this 'weird' fashion world but people understand it, you know what I mean ? I don't like to be predictable, I don't like the normal kinda 'teen look'. If I had all the money in the world, shopping would just be another Sunday morning hobby for me. Every time I buy an item of clothing, whether it be an accessory, it feels like a warm refreshing rush penetrating through my veins. It's a F A S H I O N-G A S M.  
ahaha, excuse my 'French' on this post. 
T.o.n.y - adjective
                                                                     Fashionable among wealthy or stylish people
So my point is, don't expect the usual but enjoy the unusual from your dear friend Tony ;)

drowning in pearls.

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